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A Little About Us

Hey everyone!

My name is Sean McCleary and I'm the owner(along with my wife Mary) of Schismatic Industries. For some time now, and after a little inspiration from one of out jiu-jitsu heroes, my wife and I decided to venture a little further into the realm of the jiu-jitsu community. Alas, we opened our own jiu-jitsu apparel company! After months of prep work and ground laying, Schismatic Industries is officially open!

My wife and I are jiu-jitsu instructors and avid competitors, so we know what elements make exceptional training gear. Keeping quality in mind, our products will be up for the rigerous abuse of training by even the toughest professional jiujiteiros and jiujiterias alike. Keep your ear to the ground as we bring you new gear to use, blog posts, and eventual youtube videos! 

Thank you for your support,
Sean McCleary

Schismatic Industries Owner

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